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Divine & Sybèle is a make-up salon that Jessica and Julie founded 11 years ago. Formerly tv and film set make-up artists, they bring all their beauty secrets for their clientele’s benefit. For those of you who are intimidated by the pressure at make-up counters, not to worry: here, the consultations are by appointment only and everything goes smoothly. Choose according to your needs: made-to-measure concealer, foundation or mineral powder. Make-up for special events or more personalized. We also find an array of brushes and make-up products that the two artists prefer. Not to mention, the reputation they’ve acquired in the field of eyebrow definition makes Divine & Sybèle an essential beauty destination.

Magazine Dress to Kill

Eva Bilinska, Été 2012



Many women feel overwhelmed by the multitude of choices in products found on
the market. Often disappointed by the result, they linger in doubt concerning theirpurchases.

This fact has inspired us and motivated us to create Divine & Sybèle, where we
share our expertise to help you target the products that are right for you. Our wish:simplify and improve your beauty regimen.

Throughout the years, our clients’ questions have helped us develop our make-up courses. Here is a sample :

We are looking forward to meet you