By the hour


Whether you are new to make-up or have been using it for a while, we will target together  the techniques from which you will most benefit and will practice these techniques with you.

We take this opportunity to assess your make-up case and help you choose products that will help you with your new beauty regime.

Jessica and Julie intimately share with us their passion for beauty. For myself, we go with a natural beauty, a discreet make-up that offers a youthful and fresh loveliness.

“People will find you beautiful, Josée, without thinking that it is due to your make-up, but rather to the vibe that comes from you”, and yes, that is completely true, I feel simply beautiful. All the little tricks I learned and that I continue to learn with Jessica and Julie make my looks always feel fresh. Thank you with a capital T, girls.




for you to determine


$70 per hour (checklist included)
No purchase necessary


Put on your make-up as usual before coming
Bring your personal make-up case (if you have one)