We love this great salon, run by two make-up professionals who introduce us, individually or with friends, to the basics of a brilliant make-up. Pst! We clean them out of Kiss me mascara, Minou, Japonesque and Cinéma Secret or of products by Artdeco, Trucco, Sothys and Prome, or we order a made-to-measure foundation of our own

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Some brands sold in salon

Canadian brands

Beauty so clean Minou Raffael Belvada Dr. Renaud Casa Lucia Divine et Sybèle Promel

Brands from abroad

Ardell Duo Kiss me Sothys Art Deco Face to face Kryolan Teeez Cailyn Elina Mascara Diva Visiora Combinal Japonesque Refecto cils Longcils Boncza