Custom products

Finding just the right colour for the base make-up (foundation, concealer, loosepower, etc.) is like winning the lottery.

For those who are looking for products of the ideal color and texture, custom made-to-measure products are offered in store.

In my address book - Divine & Sybèle, in Montréal, which is more than a make-up salon.  Julie and Jessica, pros of the powder puff, are architects of the eyebrow and make magic tricks with concealers.

Clin d’œil

2013, Sophie Banford, directrice, marques et contenus.

In less than a half hour you will be saying goodbye to the bags under your eyes that you thought you could not hide and say hello to a perfect complexion!»

La presse

2007, Sophie St-Laurent

We leave with a smile on our face…

Le voir

May 2006

  • Concealer * 50
  • Fondation *60 to 120
  • Loose powder 15 to 50
  • Mineral powder 35
  • Eye dust 25
  • Fard crème 3 in 1 creamy shade
    (eyes, cheeks, lips)25 to 50
  • Bronzing powder 35 to 55
  • Cream rouge for lips  40

* Courses extra


Please note: It is better to make an appointment during the day, as daylight helps to adjust the product colours. (Bring the make-up you use.)