The structure of the eyebrow is an important step – too often neglected – to beauty enhancement. The proper eyebrow line opens the eye, harmonizes the facial constitution and gives the face personality.  And since no two faces are the same, there is no universal trick when it comes to shaping the brow. After hundreds of brow tweezing, the pros of Divine & Sybèle have made of this simple gesture a science..

Psitt : Psst : their skillful tweezers are in demand by many Quebec celebrities.

Sophie St-Laurent, journaliste beauté

…have become masters
   in the art
   of shaping
   the perfect eyebrow line!


February 2005

We owe them the most gorgeous eyebrows in town.


July 2010

  • First meeting
    Analysis of the shape / tweezing /
    Make-up advice if need be
    (the price may be less for those
    whose eyebrows need to grow in) 35 to 50

  • Maintaining 15 to 50

  • Dye or bleaching
    to balance the shape or
    match with hair colour10 to 25