Colouring, adding of false lashes for an evening or adding semi-permanent lashes are different ways of highlighting your eyes. The choice is yours.

Applying semi-permanent lashes (lash extension)

Technicians at Divine & Sybèle are trained and certified by
Extreme Lash and or Misencil.

What does this mean

A technician applies, each one separately, on the existing lashes, mini synthetic lash extensions with a safe, medical grade adhesive – so lashes appear thicker.

The advantage?

No more mascara. The eye appears naturally more open. Practical for a bride, vacations or playing sports …


Personalized application (variety of length, colour and thickness).


  • Colouring (dying of lashes)  40
  • Applying strip eyelashes  10 to 20
  • Applying individual lashes  15 to 25
  • Purchasing and applying false lashes  25 to 50
  • Applying false lashes with make-up   25 to 35
  • Applying semi-permanent lashes
    (lash extensions)  on demand