Whether it is for an evening, a wedding, a bal, a gala, a photo (casting, corporate, web, passport, personal) together we will find the desired make-up.

The danse of the artists…make-up that promotes natural beauty and brightens the look. Really


Mélanie Roy, December 2012

Divine & Sybèle
Warm, caring and possessing an impressive precision in their art of handling brushes, Jessica and Julie have become THE reference when comes the time to talk make-up. This enveloping cocoon where an ultra zen atmosphere presides is a veritable ode to beauty and femininity. Trust comes immediately with their knowledge and extraordinary savoir-faire. We leave feeling beautiful, blooming and relaxed with one thought only: to return as soon as possible!


Josée Noiseux, blogger & columnist


  • Full make-up (Jessica and or Julie )75
  • Full make-up50
  • Eye make-up                                                                          30
  • Make-up for photoshoot                                                75 / 100
  • Make-up for audition                                                       40 à 75
  • Make-up "express"                                                                 35
  • Make-up for bride                                                          75 / 100